Support Us

Boxcar Theatre is a non-profit 501(c)(3). Your tax-deductible contributions make our work possible. Since 2005 we are strived to create thought-provoking experiential theatre. Whether it is previously published, an adaptation, or purely original work, our unique form of storytelling with our tight ensemble setting has made these bold concepts so undeniably Boxcar.


Ticket sale revenue accounts for a small portion of our operating expenses. The continuous generosity of our patrons is what keeps the lights on month after month. Even the smallest amount can create a world of difference, and we thank you for whatever you are able to contribute.




Wish List

Boxcar Theatre is always in need for a helping hand. Whether an old computer lying around or a few hours of your volunteered time is what you can offer, we’ll take it! Don’t throw out that antique chair – One person’s trash is another’s treasure, that’s the motto at Boxcar. If you access to any of the following shoot us an email at

And once we get a truck donated to us, we can come by and pick up that old couch!

Our wish list…

A truck/bus
A marquee
Stained glass for our lobby
Video camera
Video editing services
Bookkeeping services
Concessions volunteers